J-cert Organizing Committee

Institution name Japanese Language Proficiency Examination Committee
Japan International Human Capital Development Organization
Certification date
Superiors Japanese Cabinet Office
Headquarters address 3F, Aios Nagatacho, 2-17-17, Chiyada - Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-3-6779-4166. E-Mail. Office@nihon-ken.com, URL. Http://www.nihon-ken.com
Zenzo Handa
Chairman of the Board (Ichiji Ishii) (MBA)
Instructor of Japanese Language University of Oregon, USA
former Senator, Secretary for Foreign Affairs Officer
Original Japanese Ambassador Extraordinary and
American Japanese lecturer at the University of Oregon, Oregon State
Former Member of House of Councilors (Senator)
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Special Ambassador of Japan
Business content We carry out all levels of Japanese test for foreigners.
Through the publication of the test corresponding to the textbook, to improve the candidates to further improve the Japanese ability.
Purpose We take Japanese language test for foreigners at home and abroad, and pass the exam to determine students' ability to master Japanese. Thereby enhancing the professional competence of foreigners, promoting and improving the happiness index of society as a whole and promoting the revitalization of economic activities.