Content and classification

Classify the levels of the J-CERT exam

B-Course A-course
Basic JLPT-N5 Per-Intermediate JLPT-N4 Intermediate JLPT-N3 Pre-Advance JLPT-N2 Advance JLPT-N1

※ The J-CERT exam has been divided into A-course and B-course as; B-course is basic and pre-intermediate levels. A-course is divided into intermediate, pre-advanced and advanced levels. Scope classification level A, B based on test results. Contest consists of 3 parts: (characters, grammar, and vocabulary), Listening and social culture(Reading).

* The annual J-CERT test has four tests: the last Saturday in March, May, September and November. In March and September, only B, May and November exams are administered and all levels.
Comparing the J-CERT exam with the JLPT exam