Introduction to the J-cert exam

1. What is the J-cert Japanese Language Proficiency Test?


2. Background and purpose of the J-cert Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

  1. View from Asian context
  2. The purpose of J-cert Exam


3. Statement about Organization:

  1. Director of Japan International Human Capital and Development Organization (Zenzo Handa)
  2. CEO of Royal Japanese Language and Culture Center (RJLCC) and Nepalese J-cert Test Committee (Dinesh Shahi)


J-cert Organizing Committee

J-cert Japanese Language Proficiency Examination Committee, (Japan International Human Capital Development Organization)

J-cert- Nepal Exam Committee, Royal Japanese Language and Culture Center (RJLLC)


Advantages of the J-Cert exam

Detailed introduction to the 7 major advantages of the J-Cert Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Highlighting the J-Cert exam in addition to the Japanese language ability can also assess candidates' ability in the field of study, business,  work and culture in Japanese companies.

Content and classification

Classify the levels of the J-Cert exam


J-Cert Certificate

Approximately 14 days after the end of the J-Cert exam, Japan International Human Capital Development