Introduction to the J-cert exam

1. What is the J-Cert Japanese Language Proficiency Test?

The J-cert (Certificate of Japanese as a Foreign Language) is a Japanese language proficiency test conducted by the "Japan International Human Capital Development Organization". This test is internationally recognized and highly valued for Japanese language proficiency standard. It has been recognized by the Government of Japan, Reputed Universities, Immigration Bureaus, Japanese Corporate Houses and International Organizations. This test focuses on language competence as well as on Society and Culture of Japan that differed from other language tests.


2. Background and purpose of the J-cert Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


a.View from Asian context

The guideline of the Japanese language test J-cert is an advanced curriculum-based certification system that enhances the ability of Japanese language students in Nepal. It helps to develop human resources to work in Japanese companies. It is a tool that promotes social evaluation of Japanese language and develops Japanese teaching in Nepal.


b.The purpose of J-cert Exam:

The J-cert, Japanese Test is the only Japanese language accreditation standard in study, work, business and life style. The purpose of the examinations is to make foreigners to better understand the social and geographic history, economic system and basic rules of everyday life in Japan. The Immigration Department of Japan has officially recognized the J-cert Japanese Language Proficiency Test which is also beneficial for international students, workers, business persons, and trainees who want to go to Japan.


3.Statement about Organization:

There is a growing need of international exchanges and businesses industries are expanding internationally in 21st century. Along with the expansion of multinational companies, we need to master language skills in order to get better jobs. At present, the number of foreigners living in Japan has exceeded 2,400,000. The language plays a vital role to exchange the ideas among the people of different nationalities. Hence, the participation in the "J-CERT Japanese Language Proficiency Test" organized by our organization can help you to quickly integrate into Japanese life and get more employment opportunities in Japanese companies.


a. Director of Japan International Human Capital and Development Organization (Zenzo Handa)

The globalization of the world's economy and regional economic integration are in the state of great change. Exchange and cooperation in economic, cultural and educational fields between Japan and Nepal are developing more widely. Nepal’s education should also be internationalized. The internationalization requires us to understand not only the culture of Nepal but also the culture of developed countries. The two countries have many geographic and cultural similarities.

To increase the cultural exchange in Japan we need to understand the culture, education and basic rituals of Japanese life. J-CERT helps to study Japanese language and working life in Japan. The candidates who wish to attend J-CERT test will get A-course and B-course certificates. B-course helps to join Japanese language schools whereas A-course helps to join reputed universities and find jobs directly in Japan. Our organization also facilitates to get job opportunities and scholarships for those who perform better in J-CERT test and schools and universities in Japan. We are sincerely working in Europe and globally. I believe that Nepalese students will surely be benefitted by this test.


b. CEO of Royal Japanese Language and Culture Center (RJLCC) and Nepalese J-CERT Test Committee (Dinesh Shahi)

The J-CERT Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a promising test that is widely known as an accurate measure of Japanese language ability and cultural understanding of Japanese life and work. This is the most practical test that the content of the test is not only aiming at examining the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary rather it also emphasizes in practical life. The number of Nepalese residing in Japan has been expanding day to day. There are many hindrances faced by Nepalese due to lack of proper Japanese language.