Advantages of the J-cert exams


Seven major advantages of the J-CERT Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

1. Assess the fluency of Japanese in life and at work.

   Learning Japanese is not just about learning the language skills, but it is more important than using the language ability you have learned to conduct comprehensive exchanges with others in life and in the workplace. The J-CERT Japanese Language Proficiency Test, in addition to assessing the candidate's language ability, also focuses on assessing the Japanese language proficiency of the candidates in terms of: social culture, Employment ceremony,..

2. Master level qualifications (professional level) are available only in the J-CERT exam.

     Another difference of the Japanese J-CERT competency test compared to other Japanese competency exams are that the J-CERT with the "professional level" certificate is the highest level. Those who achieve this professional level will not only be able to develop their Japanese abilities in business fields, but also have the capacity to evaluate the future prospects of Japanese society. Candidates who enter the professional level after the writing test are invited to Japan for interview and thesis writing.

3. Awards for outstanding performers.

    For those who have excellent achievements in the exam, in addition to being awarded special merit, they also have the opportunity to come to Japan to participate in international friendship exchanges (political circles, business circles).

4. Certificate of Japanese ability can be written in the work profile.

     For foreigners in Japan, the J-CERT certificate is accepted by enterprises and recorded in the employee's file, for those who take the J-CERT exam overseas and obtain the certificate, it is possible to introduce to Japan to work or introduce to work in foreign enterprises in the host country of that candidate.

5. Prove the business level Japanese language proficiency for the professions.

     For companies employing staff working with foreigners, we are planning and preparing for the Japanese Proficiency Exam in terms of specialized vocabulary suitable for different professions.

6. The close link between candidates' qualifications and job opportunities.

     In Japan, according to individual aspirations, the J-CERT rating agency, "International Talent Development Organization, Legal Group of Public Financial Institutions," will introduce to businesses high-achievers. In the J-CERT Japanese Language Proficiency Test. For those who participate in the J-CERT in Vietnam and reach a high level, they will be introduced to Japanese companies and companies in Vietnam by the J-CERT Vietnam General Agent.

7. Test levels.

     There are six levels of Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced and MASTER levels. Candidates can register for the exam by level, if they have not reached this level; the system will review the results and be recognized at the level that matches their results.